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Places you never knew existed, Experiences you will never forget, Locally owned and operated, Economic and environmental sustainability through high quality ecotourism.  Krakatau Ecotourism Tour service based in Carita Beach with over 15 years experience providing volcano and wildlife tours through Krakatau Tour, Ujung Kulon Tour, Baduy Tribe Tour and beyond as follow Jakarta Tour, Bogor Tour, Bandung Tour, Jogjakarta Tour, Bromo Tour and Java Overland Tour as well as adventure holidays. With Krakatau EcoTourism, you will be able to choose among a wide range of flexible guided tours and vacation programmers, either alone or in a group. Off-the-beaten track or on classical tours, we canpropose the best combinations matching your interests, budget and trip length anytime.!

"GREAT REASONS to travel with Direct Local Guide  Krakatau Ecotourism"We are 100% Carita owned  based in Carita Bay Beach the main get to visit Krakatau and Ujung Kulon. Carita is our home.!. Who better to organize your trip and show you around than the locals. Get the best from your trip, whether it is expert local tips, insight to local culture and customs or necessary contacts that can only come from people who live in this country! genuine travel experiences. With Krakatau Ecotourism, your travel experience is the 'real thing' as we take you off the beaten path on carefully crafted itineraries that are unique and thoughtfully planned.  We do not support conveyor-belt tourism where groups are pushed through a rigid itinerary at the expense of spontaneity. Instead, we bring you a genuine one-of-a kind travel experience. We are local and we are independent. By being 'independent' we are free to recommend and organize you a trip which is best suited to your requirements without any constraints.

Our greatest asset is our people. We have with us a carefully selected team. Dedication, organization, experience and a caring attitude toward our travelers and the communities we visit are at the heart of our company. We know that you are entrusting your travel dreams to us, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Responsible travel through sustainable tourism. As guests it's considered a privilege to be able to visit the places of historical interest, villages, homes and places of worship. As responsible people, we want to have sustainable tourism so others can also visit and enjoy the same experience as you. Comfortable, memorable accommodations. We select hotels based on comfort, location, and charm. We try to avoid hotels that are advertised in each and every brochure, sold by your average travel agent. Places we use are mostly independently managed and owned.

We have good strong friendly relations with most of the owner/ managers of these places. We get a lot done, by a simple phone call. Exotic and varied destination. You will simply be amazed at the sheer variety of sights, profusion of colour, enchanting sounds and exotic tastes of this truly fascinating island. Through our itineraries, we attempt to introduce you to the diverse and exotic destination that is Krakatau

"Discovery Krakatau And Ujung Kulon Ecotourism Destination"

Krakatoa today is a beautiful and unique tourism site. In Indonesia, it is the only volcanic mount located in the sea. Moreover, it is the only mount that offers "volcanology tourism". They are green with beautiful scenery. After its explosion in 1883, the plants grew little by little. Scientists believe that the plants originate form seeds that was brought by the water from nearby islands. Not only flora, in KraKatoa islands we can also find fauna, like lizards.Like the seeds, they also come from nearby islands, swimmingacross the sea. KraKatoa is a favorite site for photographers, especially when it explodes. Watching Cracatoa closely is just like watching a documentary film on National Geographic channel, If we want to take photograph of KraKatoa explosion, Rakata Island is the best place to do in the night. Under sunlight, material explosion just seem to be grey sand and stone. But, in the night they glow, just like ember.

Ujung Kulon It is Indonesia's first proposed national park and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991 for containing the largest remaining lowland rainforest in Java, the national park of Ujung Kulon is the site of one of Indonesias most pristine and untouched natural attractions. It is no coincidence that Ujung Kulon is classified as one of Indonesias World Heritage Sites and has been a natural reserve since 1937. Most well known for being the home of the last one horned white Javan rhinoceros of which a population of about 60 remains,

Ujung Kulon comprises the extreme southwestern tip of the island of Java, Indonesia, The Ujung Kulon area offers various different landscapes, from the Gunung Payung massif in the southwest and the low rolling hills of the Telanca Plateau in the northeast, to the swamp area characteristic for the lower lying isthmus. Inventories of the Ujung Kulon wild life are the subject of numerous books. The fauna on the peninsula and the islands is almost too extensive to describe in short. it contains the largest remaining area of lowland rainforests in the Java plain. Ujung Kulon  is one of the last remaining natural forests on Java.

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Explorer Krakatau Ujung Kulon National Park Tour And Travel Packages

Krakatau, or Krakatoa, is  is a major caldera volcano, that lies in the sea to the west of Java, Indonesia. It is one of the many active volcanoes of the Sunda Arc, which is forming as a result of the subduction of the Australian plate beneath the Sunda plate. The huge eruption of Krakatau in August 1883 was one of the first global media events, as news reports travelled around the world on the newly installed deep-sea telegraph cables. The eruption also led to many new scientific discoveries, as observations of atmospheric phenomena were reported from around the world, including vivid sunsets, Bishop’s rings and noctilucent clouds, all associated with the fine haze of volcanic sulphur compounds that were injected into the atmosphere by the eruption..View click

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Krakatau (Krakatoa) is located in the Sunda Strait, 40 km off the west coast of Java on the island of Rakata in Indonesia. The geographical coordinates of Krakatoa are 16.7 S. Latitude and 105.4 E. Longitude. Krakatoa is one of the volcanoes of the Sunda volcanic arc. The volcano was formed by the subduction of the Indian-Australia Plate under the Eurasian Plate. Landing at the beach of Anak Krakatau and climb up to the first top of  volcano than step your foot on it searching closely the minerals (Volcanic bomb, lava) from the bottom of the earth which were thrown up through its crater, from the top you can see the wonder beautiful sea view of krakatau arcipelago. The trek is very easy, and first starts in dense and healthy jungle, sThe view is really fantastic, with a mix of pristine sea, very green vegetation, and apocalyptic porous red-volcanic rocks dropping all the way from the crater deep into the sea..View click

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Composed and calm romantic Carita beach have adequate unique because of its rich natural resources. The sloping shore with small waves and gentle sea behind hundreds of  swaying coconut trees, swept along the coast. Natural beauty of the more complete because the combined views of Mount Krakatoa a solid standing in the distance, resort rooms overlooking the sea together with a slight smell of salt as well as the sound of water lapping on the beaches sounds an amazing dream like. Whether you are planning a romantic runaway for any family beach resorts, various luxury beach resorts add the part of a more fun and much more to do here. We provide all the room type in Carita during your tour to Krakatau or Ujung Kulon that will be easier with us to assist you traveling.  View click

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Introducing the NEW innovative program to enable executive take their short moment to do Adventure trip beyond Sunda strait water with Krakatau Ujung Kulon Cruises invites you to enjoy one of the best tour package which opens your gateway to the krakatau and Ujung kulon. you will get more than a taste of Krakatau and Ujung Kulon but  you' ll enjoy an absolute feast of Tales of the Sunda strait scenery, castaway beaches, authentic flora and fauna and amazing true stories. Tours to the interior of the country include sea adventures, volcano, rain forest and exotic animal viewing, and a choice of distintive Ujung Kulon world heritage site. Our boat cruises the krakatau arcipelago, then crosses the straits to Peucang island of Ujung Kulon peninsula. your experience is the knowledge that you are voyaging where few travellers have gone before.  View click

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Very unique dive area with historical value and underwater contours Krakatau as the main attraction. Krakatau itself is also scattered around a row of diving spots with underwater model is dominated reef mounds and rocks in a very unique and cannot found in somewhere else. Dives in the area is quite challenging and often full of surprises because the Sunda strait flow pattern that brings rich nutrients for the growth of coral reefs and attract pelagic  fish and also marine mammals. These rocks, painted white by the sea birds, mark the site of a dive off Anak Krakatau. The underwater scenery consists of large blocks of volcanic rock, seemingly sheered off by the blast. The cracked and sharp edged rocks make a west-facing submarine cliff look like the ruin of an ancient Greek temple. In the crevices of the rock, coral growth is beginning... View click

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It offers the perfect location to relax and to spend a memorable time here in Peucang island is one of island at Ujung Kulon National Park,  right in the famous of the largest and most beautiful world heritage site in Indonesia. The island is located in a very private and quiet surroundings provides you with a very comfortable base from where to enjoy everything that the area has to offer adventure tour.! , sharing this whole beach with only another single eco lodge Privacy can be assured at our lodget since we only offer 15 units Air conditioner rooms and 10 standard rooms. If you like it quiet and far away from the crowds, this is the right place.  The island suits young families as well as couples and all friends of nature, providing a breathtaking sea  view over the surrounding islands and wildlife observation. View click

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Ujung kulon adventure is mean ujung kulon tour and cruising around the peninsula where our comfortable wooden boat to absorb the sights, while experiencing the surprisingly peaceful sensations of being on the sea. This is the only exciting way to discover Ujung Kulon. You stop on small island badul for snorkeling or swimming to explorer tropical colourful fish,  see the real pristine blue sea,  you'll have time to walk around and enjoy the spectacular views of the park  A cruise on Ujung Kulon water will introduce you to sea  to get expedition offer different type of cruis. Cruises offer a blend of relaxed comfort and accessibility to stunning natural areas and amazing wildlife. Cruising in Ujung kulon  the Handeleum and Peucang Island  provides a more intimate natural experience with pristine white sand and green jungle along coastal.  View click

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This is the jungle trip done for people interested in having the maximum of contact with the nature and also interested in learning about the Ujung Kulon and its mystery. On this Jungle trip we will take you to the south coast  of peninsula area, This place offers a dense and virgin forest to be explored as its not a touristy area, so there you will have a fantastic jungle experience. On this tour you will spend two nights at the jungle camp where some activities will be done during your staying and the rest of the tour will be done camping in different areas of the Ujung Kulon. National parks sometimes offer limited access to hiking trails. As remote area Ujung kulon is waiting to explorer to see magnificent rain forest and wildlife in the dense jungle where you can feel as like a thousand year ego where human and animal life together in peach and nature. View click

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The Baduy are a traditional Sundanese ethnic group that live in the province of Banten. The villages where they live are famous, because the Baduy do not use modern technology, though this is changing. The Baduy are split into two distinct groups. The first are the communities who reside in the area known as Baduy Luar. There are 22 villages that are considered a part of Baduy Luar. exists a small-scale indigenous community that has to a large extent been able to avoid the advancement of globalization, modern technology and other influences of the outside world, including environmental degradation. The Baduy people are a reclusive tribal group that has lived a relatively undisturbed, traditional lifestyle in a closed society for more than 400 years until the recent encroachment of economic and social pressures from the outside world. the Baduy have in the past been able to effectively seal their community off from the rest of the world. . View click

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