is internet marketing by Krakatau Ecotourism Founded by expert local tour Guide  has reputation at tourism industry since more than 15 years ego located  in Carita beach the main get to explorer  Java island from Krakatau,  Ujung kulon  world heritage site , Bogor, Bandung, Dieng Plateu, Jogjakarta, Bromo and Bali. Over the years krakatau Ecotoursm expert working us  tour Guide, he realized that it was necessary to organize tours with the  objective of showing the customers the Java - truly Indonesia in its  authentic way with the most important and provide the customer an  unforgettable tour.

Krakatau Ecotourism is pioneer in  ecotourism at Carita beach Since 1994 Krakatau Eecotourism has developed  sustainable development eco-tourist projects that have benefited the  economic, social and cultural development of various local communities.  Travelers have a choice to be conscientious tourists, no matter what  type holiday they take. Krakatau Ecotourism asks each guestto be  environmentally friendly and to respect Carita’s natural beauty. Since  their start, Carita Ecotour ism has been promoting sustainable tourism  to ensure their tours bring only positive impact to the places they  visit. When travelers visit Ujung Kulon’s magnificent parks and Volcano  they can assist in the development of conservation areas. On visits to  remote areas  in Java with Krakatau Ecotourism, guests can protect the culture  and traditions of the local people. Visitors also bring economic  benefits to the local indigenouscommunities by supporting local  excursion outfitters, artisans and other consumer businesses. Each of  their itineraries are designed in a responsible manner to ensure guests  get to enjoy the best nature has to offer whilst minimizing any  environmental impact.

So please do not hesitate to contact us at whatever stage you wish when deciding upon your visit.
 Our aim is to help you appreciate Indonesia to its fullest. In  our itineraries we tend not to recommend one prestige hotel after  another in the predictable carousel of tourist sights, but have used  our skill and judgment to introduce fascinating variations where  appropriate. Nor do we invariably recommend flying between cities;  that is no way to measure the rhythm of a country, so road and rail  play their part too. We honestly think that balancing all these  factors is one of the keys to a rewarding holiday in Indonesia. We  look forward to being of service to you in the near future.

Exceptional team working together for one goal
Recently, the whole krakatau ecotourism team made a decision to change the way we do things. From the travel consultants, to our guides, to the responsibilities of our IT guy. From the emails we send to our new friends, to our tour packages, to the way we treat our partners - whether they be the owner of one of the homestays, a general manager of a hotel, or a local tour guide. All of these to one goal of a true value for everyone involved.

Plan your own tours and flexibility to make changes on trip
Your way! we tailor-make what you want, how you want and where you want, and especially when you travel on your private tour, that it’s our flexibility to change the programs to best suits you.

Our guides make your trip
Our bi-lingual guides will create an unforgettable trip with their outstanding knowledge, sense of humor and great care to your flexibility. We believe that the guide is the key component in measuring the success of your tour.

Unique experiences and responsible travel
We take you off the beaten track and see the real   touris destination in Java. Experience different combinations of adventure, fun and relaxation, in diverse cultural and natural settings. Footprint is not just a tour operator operating for profit. We care about the environment, enriche the local culture. And, most importantly, we work directly with the host communities assuring that tourism benefits everyone.

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